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Writing The Rituals comes from a flowing understanding that WE are what is sacred, holy, glorious and deserving of worship. It’s a space where community, writing and Spirit affirms, confirms, and grounds our worthiness for existing. 

If you are ready to unearth, rediscover, and embody your joy, this offering is for you!


I've created a 14 week sacred vessel, an intimate gathering of wild beings to support your journey unearthing, rediscovering, and embodying joy. 


Intuitive prompted writing will facilitate exploration through self-concepts, expansive and limiting beliefs, while de-conditioning outgrown ideals, along with a sensual connection to our external world through guided rituals with a base truth that we are here, today, to experience and live a life of JOY.


- Bi Weekly 9-10:30am Sunday morning group writing sessions

- 2 one-on-one writing sessions

- Bi Weekly ritual guides

- 1 dedicated oracle session

✨If this resonates, there is space for you, but the vibe is intimate, all you gotta do is say yes!

✨Pay-what-you-value. PWYC. Be intentional with the energy of your money.

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