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Writing The Rituals comes from a flowing understanding that WE are what is sacred, holy, glorious and deserving of worship. It’s a space where community, writing and Spirit affirms, confirms, and grounds our worthiness for existing. Each writing session consists of prompts and conversations relevant to the theme, followed by ritual that roots the work we have all just participated in. It is a holy time to create, to speak, and to asé.


We will be opening up 2023's sessions by delving into "In the beginning was "self". Intuitive prompted writing will facilitate a journey through self-concepts, expansive, and limiting beliefs, and connection to our external world with a base truth that we are the foundation of our chosen experiences. A meditation will open the session, and a ritual will close out our gathering. This will be a powerful way to begin 2023. 

A list of necessary and accessible materials will be emailed prior to the date. All is welcome in this space. I look forward to writing with you.

Space is limited. Energy exhange is $25.

EMT is 

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