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Hello! I am The Wild Woman. I am a Jamaican-born creator sitting deeply in all of my intersections, harnessing my purpose and using the language of poetry, spirituality, and sensual self-introspection to challenge thoughts and ideals, instigating waves of change. Established in my career spanning over a decade, I have cultivated a distinctive performing style which creatively centers my Blackness, womanity, and my artistry for soul-stirring conversations.


Embodying this heart work as Black, woman, and queer, I am proud to be an award-winning spoken word artist, poet, author of “This Wild Woman is Speaking” which I self-published in 2021, educator, and workshop facilitator. I also do this work as an event producer, host, speaker, and curator. Expressing my ingenuity through my language, culture, and untameable spirit for the healing, ascension, and self-pleasure of those I connect with, my desire remains to create new paradigms by calling on and honoring my wildness— and in the process, encouraging others to be and do the same.


I currently hold positions as the Poetry Curator

for The Festival of Literary Diversity (The FOLD), and also as a “This Is Brampton” Curator for Flower City Slam.

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