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Exploring stereotypes, personal insecurities, dis/abilities, and situations, and how to change perspective through literary writings and powerful spoken word performances to one of empowerment and change. Drawing on my own battle with the disability, this workshop will encourage attendees to face the stories told about them and harness their power to change the narrative.

Courage Through Perspective


This workshop was created during my many years facilitating spoken word workshops at Havergal College for Youth Without Shelter's Campaign Tokens 4 Change. Art as a vehicle for activism can be a tricky path to walk, and this workshop is a beginners course in how to use our voice, life experiences and perspectives to speak on a topic for action and change. Navigating very real truths such as guilt and privilege, participants will learn how to write and perform in ways that do not invalidate the voices of those we are standing with, but rather lifts up their voice by not using our platform to speak over and/or for them.

Art As Activism


Black Art As Affirmation to Black Bodies

This workshops objective is to identify the affirming messages in musical, literary and visual art by black artists, and to re-imagine these affirming messages through prompted writing, creating connections to how it relates to their own personal contexts and lived experiences.

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